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I'm Coming Out of the Closet as a Multimedia Artist!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

I've been blessed as a singer/songwriter by the encouraging response of my global online FAYvorites and with many cool song placements on television and film! But the low down, filthy, shameful, scandalous, unrelenting truth is...I'm equally as passionate about creating visual art (photography, graphic art, drawing, interior design) and literary art (poetry, articles, authorship, speeches) as I am about making music!

There's too much writing. Too much art.

Too much music. You can blame my heart.

I've always considered myself more of a craftsperson/artisan than a diva or star. I'm kinda like a blacksmith of modern art, you can leave me alone with a detailed, artistic task for hours and hours and I'm perfectly happy. I love editing photos in Photoshop, recording vocal takes in Logic, capturing the ocean with my Nikon D80, figuring out how to play the banjo, writing poems on scraps of paper and digging out my colored pencils just because I missed them. I learn new skills so I can create in new ways.

I've never been driven by fame.

I just like designing things.

Then why come out now???

Sometimes I describe myself as a "friendly introvert". I love mixing it up with all kinds of people and making them smile and at the same time, I need and enjoy peaceful solitude to make my art. But it's 2018, an age of globally shared ideas, of pioneering entrepreneurship, celebrated authenticity, self education, lifestyle freedom, humanitarianism, technological advancement and this thing called a "blog",

so I thought I'd try it out. :)

So like, what's in the secret art vault Nadia???

Now that I've finally admitted my true identity as a multimedia artist and found online platforms to share my artistic mischief...BEWARE.

There will be an explosion of words, colors, shapes and sounds.

And what could be better than bringing YOU, Nadia's FAYvorites,

along for the ride!!!

Click to discover music, art and poetry now available at my online stores. Subscribe to my website and stay updated with a fun, new monthly newsletter coming soon. So much more ahead!

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