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Blame the Porcupine Eating an Apple

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

My love of nature photography started as a child. I decorated my childhood bedroom with a gallery of majestic, wild animals and outstretched landscapes. The glossy pages of National Geographic were a magnificent, global gift to us all in the pre-internet era. It was one of the first places we could see cultural differences being celebrated through photography. It was also a place where you could experience the natural world without even traveling and connect to it's colors, shapes and soulful vastness.

The first time I experienced the bliss of being behind the lens was on the red dirt roads and rugged coastlines of Kauai. In a matter of days I had taken thousands of photos without realizing it. And then Yosemite National Park happened to me. It was so overwhelmingly stunning that I had to go back into the car, close my eyes and stop crying in order to process the divine images that relentlessly presented themselves to me.

It was like beauty with no mercy.

France. The Carolinas. Playa Del Carmen. I just kept shooting. And my passion kept growing. Over time, I realized that my love of composition and arrangement, which I had primarily used for making music, was just as joyfully being applied to photography. It made me feel equally meditative honing in on the shapes, lighting and composition of an image. I liked the contrast of how photography was so quiet compared to music.

There are people who've encouraged me to stay with just music warning that being a multifaceted artist might make me a marketing nightmare. As much as I love it, I feel like if music were the only art form I could use to express myself, I would slowly die. My love for visual art stretches out beyond photography into drawing, interior design and graphic art. I can't wait to expand my creativity in these fields and incorporate new, innovative technology into my techniques. It's an exciting time!

So, if you happen to be one of those people who think I should just stand there, look cute and sing, I assure you, there will be more music and I'm still cute and I still sing. But there will also be a shit ton of stunning visual art.

You can blame the porcupine eating an apple :)

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